Redmond: (541) 548-5344

Horse Feed and Supplies

We carry the following brands of horse feeds:

  • Haystack Special Blend, Low/Low, Teff Plus
  • Haystack Naturals Pellets – Alfalfa, Timothy, Orchard Grass, Teff
  • Renew Gold
  • LMF
  • Nutrena Safe Choice
  • Equis Golden Senior
  • Equis Rice Bran
  • Cool Stance
  • Horse Guard Simplete
  • Northwest Horse Feed

We proudly carry vitamin-mineral supplements that complement our hays in the Pacific Northwest to help make sure that your horses will have the best possible nutritional program. These include:

  • Horse Guard
  • Equerries
  • Equis Ultium
  • LMF Supplements
  • DAC products
  • Redmond Rock
  • Farnam
  • Vitalix Protein Tubs

See us for all your Joint Supplements, Digestive Supplements, Pain Relief, and whatever will help your horse reach their full potential!